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Cats on average sleep around 16 hours a day so it is important that you provide them with somewhere warm and comfortable to sleep. That said a card board box and an old jumper with your scent on would be more than enough, however if you are wanting to splash out on a new bed then below are a handful of our favourites.

There are a couple of things that you should consider prior to making a purchase. Can the bed be placed in a quiet location and can the bed be placed in a warm location, as both are preferable to your cat when it comes to sleeping spots.

Cat Caves & Houses

Cat caves are perfect for any house but are an ideal solution for smaller flats and houses as they offer some degree of privacy for your cat when space is limited. Below are a selection of cat caves with excellent reviews on amazon hand selected by us. I can personally vouch for the Trixie beds both my cats love them! All are machine washable.

Radiator Beds

Radiator beds are ideal as they offer a direct source of heat for your feline friend. They are also off the ground which is always a preferable location. I have however found radiator beds to be a bit hit and miss with my cats. Some love them, some won’t go near them, so I would recommend buying a cheaper bed to begin with, just to get a feel for whether you think your cat will take to it or not.

Cat Blankets

And then we all have that one cat that no matter how many beds you buy, no matter how much hard earned cash you spend, he will always invariably sleep on your sofa or bed, right? Well I know I have one. So below are some mega value blankets that you can place on your soft furnishings, by way of protecting your furniture, if nothing else.