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Bowls & Feeders

Food Bowls & Feeders

There are so many different types of food bowls on the market today, which can sometimes make it a bit over whelming when trying to decide what will be best for your cat.

Food Bowls

Food bowls generally tend to be either plastic, ceramic or stainless steel and whilst either would be a suitable choice as a food bowl the ceramic bowls are probably the more preferred option.

That said I tend to use ceramic bowls as water bowls and plastic bowls for food. I do however tend to have to change the food bowls quite regularly as they do scratch up quite easily so this is something you should bear in mind prior to making a purchase.

Both my two cats have very different eating styles. My female Lilly will only eat what she requires and tends to graze throughout the course of the day. My male Merlin is a guzzler and will eat whatever is put in front of him and eats at high speed, as though someone is going to steal his food at any minute. So for any of you with fast eaters like my Merlin consider getting the Slow Feeder. The one below has been designed by veterinarians to help promote slow eating and prevent obesity.

Automatic Feeders

Automatic feeders are a good option for those occasions when you know you are going to be out at feeding time. There is nothing worse than being out and about with family and friends knowing that you need to get home to feed your cat. They come with built in ice packs to keep wet food fresh throughout the day or they can be used to regulate how much dry food is consumed whilst you are out. I have a couple of the Cat Mate automatic feeders (see below) and absolutely love them as it means I have a peace of mind when I’m out, knowing that my cats are not going to go hungry.

Microchip Pet Feeders

Now I don’t need to worry too much about Merlin stealing Lilly’s food as I am at home most of the time which makes it much easier for me to manage my cats food intake and who is eating what.

If however I wasn’t home a lot then I could foresee this being an issue as I know Merlin would just go around the house and sweep up all of the available food that has been put out. So whilst I cannot personally recommend using Microchip pet feeders I do have friends that do use them and highly recommend the effectiveness of them.

The bowl opens as your cat approaches and closes shut again when your cat moves away. Ideal for

  • Keeping food fresh throughout the day with airtight storage
  • Prevents one cat from stealing your other cats food and becoming obese
  • Allows your cat to graze throughout the day without the food drying out and becoming stale