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If you have a nervous cat that stresses out easily then you should consider using Feliway spray for cats as a means of helping your feline friend feel more relaxed in their environment. As far as cat calming products go I highly recommend Feliway.

So what is Feliway and How Does It Work?

Feliway is a synthetic replication of the facial pheromone that cats use to mark their territory as safe and secure. Have you ever wondered why your cat rubs her cheek against furnishings or objects within your home? She is basically releasing a hormone, which leaves a scent, to let her know that she is in a safe environment.

So if you do have a nervous cat I highly recommend you purchase some Feliway as the pheromones that it releases will comfort and relax your cat in her environment. There are two different types of Feliway products that you can buy either a spray or a plug in diffuser and the type you choose will be dependent upon the reasons why your cat is stressed.

Cat Urine Marking

The most common reason for cat urine marking or vertical spraying is to mark territory. When your cat is outdoors patrolling his patch, you may often observe him standing with his tail straight up in the air, hopping to and fro on his front paws and spraying vertically on objects such as trees, walls and cars.

Your cat does this as a means of marking his territory. The reason for a vertical spray is that it hits the object at nose height for other cats to smell that may dare enter his area. It is your cats way of communicating to the neighbourhood cats that they are passing through his territory.

Cats generally don’t feel threatened in your home as they deem it as a safe and secure environment, so if your cat does start spraying vertically in your home it means something is stressing him out. In these instances using both a Feliway diffuser for cats and Feliway cat spray combined will be most effective. Clinical trials suggest that the use of Feliway for urine spraying has a 91% success rate.

Ensure that the marked area is cleaned thoroughly as cats tend to return to the same areas, drawn by the scent. Plug in a Feliway Diffuser for at least a month and spray on and around the marked area daily.


There are a number of reasons why cats scratch however one reason is again as a means of marking territory. If you have already provided your cat with ample cat scratching posts and your cat suddenly starts scratching vertical objects around your home, particularly in areas of high traffic such as the doorway to the kitchen, then it is more than likely that your cat is feeling threatened in these areas. The act of scratching in this manner is a means of leaving visual signs and scent signals released from glands in your cats’ paws.

The most effective means of stopping vertical scratching in your home is to apply Feliway spray to the area, daily, usually for around a month.

Examples Of Situations When I Use Feliway

If you have ever visited this site before, or have spent time browsing, you may have possibly already met Merlin my older male cat.

I got Merlin from a local rescue centre when he was 5 years of age. I do not know of Merlin’s history, however I realised very quickly that he is an extremely nervous cat. It took me a long time to gain his trust and have him feel safe in my home but there are still to this day certain situations that send him into a state of panic, and if you do have a nervous cat, you may be familiar with some of these situations.

The use of Feliway and planning in advance really has helped me over come much of Merlin’s anxiety and whilst it may not have completely eradicated Merlin’s stress levels; Feliway has certainly helped alleviate them.

The Dreaded Trip To The Vets

Possibly the most common scenario is the dreaded trip to the vets. Now I have had many a cat in my life time and I cannot say that any of my clan have been best pleased with vet visits.

However a trip with Merlin is something that even I used to dread days in advance. The on-going battle of trying to get him in his carrier, I’m sure many of you are familiar with, and trust me when I tell you I always came off worst.

Have you noticed that the minute you get the cat carrier out your cat does a disappearing act? They may not necessarily remember the last visit to the vet but what cats are very good at is association. Your cat will always invariably associate the cat carrier with a bad experience and therefore run a mile the minute they clap eyes on it.

So here’s the trick. Up to a week prior to the appointment at the vet, get the carrier out and place it in the living room, with a blanket inside.

By doing so, your cat will, after a few days, start to feel a little more at ease by its presence. My younger cat Lilly has even been known to get inside and have a nap! Spray the entrance to the carrier with Feliway spray.

This will send a message to your cat that the carrier is a safe place to be and thus make her feel more at ease. This works every time with Merlin. Now I can’t say getting him inside is easy but it is nowhere near the struggle it used to be.

Re-arranging Furniture

Whenever I decide to re-arrange the furniture in my home, or even if I am moving furniture whilst I’m spring cleaning, it send Merlin into a state of almost hysteria. Being a creature of habit, as most cats are, he does not like change of any description.

If I decide I’m going to have a move around of furniture I will always plug in a Feliway Diffuser as far in advance as I can, not only in the room that is having the makeover but also near his sleeping area. Whilst he may not spend too much time in the made over room until he gets used to it, he is certainly a lot calmer with Feliway plugged in than without.

Having Friends And Family Over

Merlin is not a sociable cat, he doesn’t like people, cat lovers or not. Perhaps it’s a lack of trust. It certainly took me a long time to gain it. Or it may perhaps be that he wasn’t socialized as a kitten.  As with re-arranging furniture if I know I am having friends or family over I will plug in a couple of diffusers in his favourite hangout rooms well in advance.

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