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SunshineEven for us mere mortals it is challenging keeping cool during the hot weather so imagine what it is like for our kitties with all that fur.

Whilst cats do typically tend to be sun lovers they too can suffer from heat stroke and dehydration if they are out in the sun for too long.

It is important that we as responsible pet owners do all that we can to make sure our cats are as comfortable as possible so here are my quick tips to help keep your cat cool this summer.

Top Tips to Help Keep your Cat Cool This Summer

Ice Up The Water

Ensure there are plenty of water bowls available throughout your home and try popping a couple of ice cubes in them every now and then to help keep the water cool and fresh.

Keep Water Refreshed

Keep Your Cat CoolIt goes without saying that you should provide a fresh supply of water but this is even more so important during hot weather to minimise the risk of dehydration.

Water can become warm and stagnant during the hotter months so ensure you are regularly changing their water bowls to help keep the water fresh and cool.


Consider Buying a Water Fountain

If your cats don’t already own a cat water fountain then consider buying them one. Cat fountains have a number of benefits:

  • They help to keep water fresh and aerated
  • Water fountains have filters which help to remove contaminants in the water such as chlorine
  • Many cats prefer to drink running water as it’s instinctive to them/

 Try Keeping Him Indoors

If someone suggested that I should keep my cat indoors I would be like “erm yeah right”, so this strategy is obviously going to depend on your cat.

My female cat wouldn’t be too fussed about being kept indoors yet my male, Merlin would just go bonkers.

But if you can, especially if you live in really hot climes, keep him in.

Keep Him Shaded

For those of us that payed attention at school will know that the color black absorbs heat whilst the color white reflects heat.

So during the hot summer month leave a cardboard box wrapped in something white such as an old towel or tee-shirt outside.

This will ensure your cat has a shady spot to chill out in. If at all possible place the box in a shaded area away from direct sun light.

You can also place a couple of litre bottles of water in the freezer then once frozen wrap in a towel and place in your kitty’s bed to help them keep cool.

It doesn’t even have to be water; a bag of frozen peas will do the trick just as well.

Access All Areas

It is important to let your cat have access to cooler areas of your home so if you have a room with a tiled floor as opposed to carpet, such as your bathroom, let your cat have access during the hotter months. Even the bath tub may be a cool place for a lie down.

Keep the direct sun light out of your cats favourite room by closing blinds and curtains.

Restrict Play Time

Obviously having your kitty running around like a ninja cat during the hottest hours of the day is not going to help their cause. Ensure all play toys are out of sight during the day time and restrict play to earlier in the morning or later at night when temperatures will be cooler.

Time For a Brush

Cats typically tend to malt during hotter climes so you should brush your cat regularly during the hotter months to remove the extra fur.

It is important to recognise the signs of heat stroke in your cat such as panting, drooling, vomiting, signs of anxiety such as pacing, or lethargy. If your cat does display any signs of overheating then you should contact your vet straight away.

 Ice cubes in Water

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